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09 May 20
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Choosing Baby Shower Game Prizes and Favors
The main purpose of throwing a baby shower to a mom-to-be is to provide her with the things she will need for her upcoming baby. There are various tools and supplies that are needed to fully care a new little one, from baby bottles, blankets and clothing to nursery furniture, toys, and a lot more.
21 May 20
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Classic Candy Boxes for Parties and Holidays
America has always had a sweet tooth. Long before it was a name on a map, the first inhabitants enjoyed maple syrup as a snack. European settlers introduced a whole host of sugary snacks that they had brought with them from the Old World. Most of these treats were sweet meats or confectionaries, though they were often referred to as candy.
17 Jun 20
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Did You Know That Hershey's Kisses Are Almost 100 Years Old?
In 1907 a wonderful new candy made its debut, Hershey's Kisses. This smooth sweet candy was shaped in a teardrop and hand wrapped in foil. Although the origin of the name is unknown, it is believed to come from the way it is formed. The chocolate was dripped while in the process of manufacturing.
25 Jun 20
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Edible Favors For a Tasteful Wedding
The undying saying, "The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach"has been somewhat related when a bride and groom give out edible wedding favors to their guests. Everyone needs to eat, and therefore an edible favors is definitely a hit! If you are planning to give out edible wedding favors, there are lots of delightful choices you can choose from.
11 Jul 20
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Finish the Year Right With a Corporate Gift Basket
During the Christmas season, it's important to think of those who have helped to make your business a success. Your staff, your customers, and the businesses you deal with have played a key role in your prosperity this year, and you will want to let each and every one know just how much you appreciate them.
07 Aug 20
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Geneva - Stopping Off Point For The World's Confectionary Giants
Switzerland is famous for many things such as banking, precision time-making, mountains, neutrality and of course - chocolate! Although Swiss chocolate may not be as rich as its Belgian counterpart, it is superior in taste to many and definitely more popular throughout the world.
14 Aug 20
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Grab Some Homemade Candy Recipes And Make Candy Gifts For Christmas
Christmas is a wonderful time, but finding great Christmas gifts can be a little difficult. But everyone loves candy. Why don't you find some hot homemade candy recipes and make some great homemade candy for Christmas gifts this year?With most Christmas gifts there is always the risk that the recipient won't like their gift.
27 Aug 20
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How to make the Easter Sunday meal
The end of lent, the fasting season of the Christian calendar, culminates on Easter Sunday. If you've given up sweets, or chocolate, or taken to doing something extra during the lent period, Easter Sunday is the day that you cans top and go back to eating those beloved sweet treats.
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