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September 10, 2020
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Fundraising For A School Doesn't Have To Come Out Of The Parent's Pocket

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So your school has decided to sell The Entertainment Book as a fundraiser. How do you go about doing it? How does a fundraiser work? How do you get the children motivated to sell books? Here are 6 tips for successful school fundraisers. These tips will help with selling the Entertainment Book or any other fundraiser taking place at your school.

Set Kids up for Success with a Selling Script.
If a student in a school fundraiser is selling gourmet chocolates, suggest saying, 'These candies are so good that they've been served at the White House!' Or, if selling the Entertainment Book, students can say, 'Mom, I know you're really tired tonight. Why don't you buy this Entertainment Book to help my school fundraiser and we can go out to dinner and save 50% using one of the coupons!'

Use the Internet to Easily Sell to Out-of-Town Supporters. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and close family friends are more than happy to help school children raise money for their school. Parents can send emails to ask out-of-town family and friends to help your school fundraiser. Entertainment Books feature easy-to-use email tools so students and parents can quickly send a prewritten email that is customized with their information to supporters who live far away. Your school fundraiser earns credit on all online sales and your students earn prize credit.

Motivate & Reward Your Top Sellers. The Entertainment Book offers a free prize program for elementary school fundraisers. Plus children love silly rewards for successful school fundraisers. Consider letting the top sellers decide what silly outfit the principal or a favorite teacher has to wear. Or have classrooms compete - the teacher of the winning classroom has to do something outrageous like kiss a frog, color their hair green, eat green eggs and ham, etc. Be sure to talk to local merchants and ask them to donate products or gift certificates as rewards for your top student sellers.

Plan Fun School Fundraiser Kick-off Events. Plan a fun kick-off assembly to get kids excited for your school fundraiser. Show the great prizes they can earn and get them excited about what they are raising money for. The Entertainment Book's fundraising experts will help you plan and even put on a great assembly. Be sure to stress to students that they should only sell to people they or their parents know. Don't go door-to-door and don't sell to strangers.

Know the Right Time to Raise Money. Holidays and exams are generally not ideal times for fundraising drives. Academic success is the priority for kids in school, and fundraisers should never interfere with that. Parents will also appreciate your consideration, and support the fundraiser more enthusiastically.

Get Parents, Teachers & Kids Involved. Ask other parents and teachers to help with your school fundraiser. The old adage, 'many hands make quick work' is especially true with school fundraising. At a minimum, you'll want volunteers to help with promotions/communications, tallying and distributing orders to make your school fundraiser a snap. Older students can also be a big help. Ask teachers if 1-2 students in their classrooms can help with collecting orders, making posters and product deliveries.


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