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April 22, 2020
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Buying a Large Chocolate Fountain

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A large chocolate fountain is an elegant way to add an attractive touch to a wedding, party or any other special occasion. A large fountain will not only be a conversation starter, it is also an easy way to keep guests amused. Once the fountain has been set up and the chocolate is melted, the hostess is free to do other things while her guests try out a variety of dips. Of course, the chocolate fountain is also a cost effective way to ensure every guest has the chance of a dessert they like. Even the supplies are easy to prepare by simply slicing up pieces of fruit, buying candy and anything else the hostess decides on. Choosing to buy one of the larger chocolate fountains means more guests can be catered for, which will be a godsend if the gathering is a large one.

While purchasing a large fountain means more cleaning, the larger versions are usually easier to clean. This is because the removable parts, such as the basin and sometimes the tiers, are larger and will normally go safely into a dishwasher or sink. Even a large fountain that does not have the removable parts is easier to maintain than the smaller alternatives, purely because of its size. Of course, anyone looking to purchase a larger fountain should first consider the venue it will be displayed in. If the location is small or there is little available table space, a large chocolate fountain may well be a struggle.

One other thing to consider when purchasing one of the larger chocolate fountains is the noise. Because fondue fountains have motors inside to operate the pump, a little noise is to be expected. Obviously, the larger the fountain, the louder the noise, although it isn't always a problem in a noisy venue. A large chocolate fountain can also be heavy, so people will need to consider how they plan to transport it around if it is going to leave their home.

One of the biggest advantages when it comes to owning a large chocolate fountain is the ability to hire it out when it is not being used. People who are planning a wedding or party are more likely to hire a fountain, if it is for a one-off use. The money made from renting out the fountain will more than pay the owner back for the fountain itself.


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