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June 25, 2020
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Edible Favors For a Tasteful Wedding

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The undying saying, "The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach"has been somewhat related when a bride and groom give out edible wedding favors to their guests. Everyone needs to eat, and therefore an edible favors is definitely a hit! If you are planning to give out edible wedding favors, there are lots of delightful choices you can choose from. Before you anything else, you have to decide what type would you like your edible favors to be. They can be chocolates, candies, mints or almonds, pies, cookies, mini cakes, or biscotti, or something that your guests can drink (hot or cold).

Nothing beats chocolate, so if you want to give out chocolate favors, it would surely be a hit in your wedding. You can purchase mini Hershey's chocolate wedding favors packaged in a design of your choice. They are available in special dark chocolates, milk chocolates, Krackel, and etc. If you want to set up a chocolate bar in your reception, the chocolates you will make available for your guests can double as favors. Just don't forget to provide cute containers and scoops so everyone can easily have their own treats.

Perfect for your fall or winter wedding, let your guests feel the warmth of the occasion with hot beverage wedding favors. Choose whether you want to give coffee, tea, or hot chocolate packets. The packets are available in many different themes and designs, including classic, beach, floral, golf, winter, fall, and even monograms. If you don't want caffeine, consider cappuccino, tea, or cocoa favors which are also available in classic or monogram themes.

Cocktail mixes are favors that will give a never ending party to your guests. Before they leave, give your guests some margarita or cosmopolitan mixes as favors of your wedding. These single-serving packets of drink mix offer a flavorful cocktail after the ice and alcohol were added. If you are worried about those that are non-alcoholic, you might want to consider lemonade packets that only need water and ice. You can have these beverage mix packet favors either in traditional or monogrammed theme.

For a sweet romantic wedding, honey can say everything! Very famous not only for flavoring but also for curing bad allergies, honey wedding favors will sure to be appreciated by anyone at your wedding party. Organic honey would make an excellent idea, which you can package in mini jars that you can purchase at a very cheap price.

Make any of these edibles your personalized favors by simply adding your names and wedding dates. You can also even add a short saying or a quote that reflects what's inside your favors. Usually, to personalized favors that come in cute containers, you will need printed wedding favor labels, stickers, or tags which are very easy to make or you can purchase them at an inexpensive price. If you want to add your own personal touch to make them unique wedding favors, one of the options would be packaging them yourself.


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