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May 9, 2020
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Choosing Baby Shower Game Prizes and Favors

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The main purpose of throwing a baby shower to a mom-to-be is to provide her with the things she will need for her upcoming baby. There are various tools and supplies that are needed to fully care a new little one, from baby bottles, blankets and clothing to nursery furniture, toys, and a lot more. However, aside from the gifts, there are also several things in the baby shower that should be given an ample importance. A baby shower is a fun and special moment, so it has to be organized well so that everyone will enjoy. Traditionally, there are games played by the guests, as well as favors that they can take home after the party ends. Baby shower games and favors are just some of the important parts of the baby shower that should be taken care of to make the event more memorable.

If you are planning for some games, of course you need also to plan for the prizes. But before you buy anything, you need to consider some points. Maybe your guests list include everyone, so you want to make sure that the prizes of the games will suit to all ages. One of the tips to help you is to purchase a variety of prizes and mark them so that you will easily know who to hand them during the event. This will make you ready when a winner of a certain age or gender would like to claim his/her prize. If you are thinking of a safe prize, consider gift certificates that will send the winners to a local restaurant, these will be appreciated by all. If the baby shower is only limited to ladies, some of the great prizes are picture frames, photo albums, salt and bath products, candles, cosmetic products, and compact mirrors.

Baby shower favors are somewhat more tricky to than prizes for the games. Depending on the guests list, the favors could all be the same or you will need other types for men and children. But it's a lot easier if the favors you have chosen can be given to everyone. Here are some baby shower favor ideas you can choose from: small puzzles, cheap hand-held games, edible treats, votive holders, small picture frames, etc.

A fun activity to involve in the baby shower is plan a baby shower fame making session for the guests.

Perhaps you can provide kits that the guests will need to make favors. Usually, favor kits come with all the materials needed or if there's any that is lacking probably it would be scissors, pins, thread or string, glue, etc. You can find a wide variety of favor kits at your local craft store or online scrap booking. You may also wish to make the favors all by yourself. Some of the easiest baby shower favors to make are cookies, candies, chocolates, jams, and other edible treats that everyone will enjoy.

If you want to shop for baby shower supplies, consider shopping online as there is a much wider selection that awaits you. Check out websites that specialize in baby showers and other children's, as they usually offer baby shower favors, game prizes, and even baby shower decorations and invites.


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