Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Knish Nosh

Forest Hills, NY

Review by The Undercover Tourists

This place elicits praise or disbelief. They used to be a tiny wedge-shaped shopfront facing Queens Boulevard, and they sold knishes and hotdog, but they aren't like anything you've had elsewhere. The knishes were really old-fashioned -- you'd swear someone's grandma was sequestered in the small, hot, steaming space in the back peeling the tons of potatoes, sautéing the onions just so, rolling out the pastry so it was crackly and paper-thin. The hotdogs are wrapped in the same pastry, not in a bun. People who come in asking for a 'dog with ketchup get told tersely, "We don't make that kind of hotdog! Next!" as the ignoramus is brushed aside.

Things change, and we were all tense when the old Knish Knosh (sp?) boarded up, as did the Lazar's meat market across the street. Surely, those two old neighborhood standbys couldn't be going out of business? Not at the same time?? But fortunately, the two businesses came upon a sharing agreement and the two reopened in the larger space, and Knish Nosh got a real production kitchen out of the deal. They added "knish rolls" to the menu -- hotdog-shaped knishes with turkey or pastrami bits added in. New flavors of "regular" squashed softball shaped things were created to, including sweet potato, or potato with broccoli, spinach, etc. Even the kasha knish got an overhaul, being mashed into a matrix of potatoes. And it seems the onions are missing now.

But it's still a good knish, and Knish Nosh also distributes to supermarkets all around New York, so you can get them in many places. For those outside of NYC who have chanced upon this holy shrine of Jewish potato-dom, you know what deprivation feels like. Yeah, they're "bellybombs" -- each of the softball-sized behemoths weighs over a pound! -- and the hotdogs are huge, too. But as the Hebrew National ads point out, "We answer to a higher order." We think this is the real food of the gods, and you must press your visiting NY-based friends to stop there en route to the airport and pick up a box (8) of cold potato knishes at the very least! And the same number of hotdogs, which are unlike any you've had anywhere else, and it goes way beyond simply using the Hebrew National big dogs, too. (By the way, the "cold" knishes are actually priced lower than the "hot" -- wahoo!)

When we're lucky enough to be in this town, we do that -- hit the place en route to the airport. Then we try to ride the NYC experience just a touch longer by having knishes and hotdogs for dinner when we get home to the desolate, deprived lands outside of the Big Apple. A final taste before getting back to "normal" life!

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